So the sleeping outside post, just to clarify for those who didn’t know, MJ and went camping for the weekend since the campground was near the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. Granted, it was right off 40 and you could hear the traffic from the campite. Again, I don’t get it as we’ve mastered the art of permanent structures and electricity, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ve compared it to moving. You pack all your shit, then go unpack it and setup house. . .then a few days later you pack and move again. Seems downright silly, but to each their own.

Sheep and wool highlights: Um.. sheep! and wool! and goats and alpacas and bunnies! It was a little insane, but definitely interesting. I think I most enjoyed myself at the Weaver’s Guild Spin In. I got to spin a little yarn on a Majacraft and it made me want one – until I saw how much they cost. Ouch. Instead I twisted MJ’s arm and she bought me an Ashford Kiwi which should be here this week (the vendor had sold out). And by twisted her arm I mean that I barely got the question out of my mouth before she agreed. 🙂

Also filed under “Really?” is that we spent 12 hours in Spinster Yarns and Fiber this past Saturday. If you’d told me a year ago or even six months ago that I’d be going to sheep festivals (which sounds a little perverse said that way) and spending all day in a yarn shop picking over unprocessed fleece, carding said fleece, spinning said fleece, knitting, crocheting, enjoying BBQ, beer (read: cider), and good company, I’d have said you were off your fucking rocker.

I’m off my fucking rocker, and I kinda like it.

And Happy Birthday to gingy !


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