One down

One to go.  June saw me closing out the last of my socks on two circs classes.  I’ve finished one with just the heel and toe left to go on the last.  I think they’ll end up too large for the intended recipient, but we’ll see what happens after I wash them.

Note to self:  Do not switch from english to continental after the ribbing.  It wreaks havoc on your gauge.  See the pretty bulge?

Gauge! Gauge! Gauge!

Also, did a four hour spinning class with the incomparable Jacey, who has the nerve to leave us this month to be closer to her family in Missouri.  I can’t relate to that at all…  Relate or not, her brand of crazy and talent will be missed.

In other news, MJ and I saw Get Smart and Hancock.  Both incredibly funny.  For Hancock, think Greatest American Hero in terms of flying skill, only black and drunk with better special effects.  The critics didn’t like it and I agree with some of their commentary on the lack of story development, etc., but I laughed my ass off and therefore don’t really care that some of it could have been better explained. Color me entertained.  We also saw Baby Mama – at the cheap movies – so given what we paid to see it, I’m not too upset that it sort of sucked with a few good lines randomly dispersed in between the suck.

I also may or may not have found myself outside an AT&T store at 6am on the morning of Friday, July 11.  That said, I may or may not have a new cellphone number.  If you need it, let me know.

I’m hoping July will bring some much needed change, so fingers crossed and I might tell you about it later.


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