I’m still mostly in shock.  We’d had a few people over last night, watched the returns with homemade pizza and pina coladas and I wouldn’t let myself believe it.  I saw the electoral numbers start piling up in his favor and still wouldn’t celebrate.  The media had fucked this up the last time I’d placed a personal stake in the elections, so I kept waiting.

McCain’s concession speech made me tear up.  I think that overall he’s a good guy, good for America and three years ago he actually might’ve had my vote.  Sadly, McCain the Candidate looked nothing like McCain the Senator and it hurt to watch that change.  It was Obama’s speech that finally made the tears spill freely.

His speech was just incredible.  Despite having quoted Martin Luther King, Jr., it’s overall tenor before and after he spoke that line reminded me of King’s great speeches.  I think Obama delivered a speech with rhetoric that is hard to ignore regardless of where you stand politically and I truly do have hope that we might actually be able to find common ground with all of America and start moving in the right direction.  I finally have hope that the “you’re either with us or you’re against us” rhetoric of the past eight years can finally be put aside.

It’s been really difficult for me to verbalize and still is, but deep down my opinion of this election has been that it in the end, it wouldn’t really matter who won – there’s a long road ahead for us regardless and it’s really hard for me to believe that we’d be that much worse off regardless of who was in the White House.  In the end, I really didn’t want the possibility of a President Palin.  It hasn’t happened very often over the course of American politics, but a 20% chance was too big a risk for me.  And honestly, a President Biden doesn’t bring a great deal of comfort either, but so be it.

It’s good to have hope and even if it doesn’t work out that way, it will still be really refreshing to have a president who won’t smirk while he delivers grave news to the nation, and who is able to speak without sounding like he had no idea what words might show up on the teleprompter beforehand.

I’ve been reserving hope these past 21 months because I’m also afraid.  Too many of this nation’s great African-American leaders were not given the opportunity to see their dreams through to fruition or even to see their own potential through.  Even their white counterparts in JFK and RFK were gunned down for inspiring too much hope in a better tomorrow.  Add in that a good portion of America has been convinced that Obama is a terrorist and Muslim (as if those terms were synonymous), and it’s a recipe for trouble.  It only takes one fruitcake.

I’m willing to pay more taxes so that Obama can buy a Popemobile…


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