Feels like I just updated the version of WordPress I’m using and now it’s tell me to update again *grumble*

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving was really good.  A whole lot of driving, but good.  Per usual, we split our time between MJ’s east coast family and mine.  Since we weren’t sure what the situation would be at my parent’s house given the drama between my brother and his wife, we opted to just drop in for dessert there and spend most of the day out in Pasadena with MJ’s cousins.

We spent the afternoon knitting (me and Cassia), crocheting (MJ), laughing and generally having a good time til the meal was served.  And just in case this proves helpful to anyone in the future: it is actually possible to have too many marshmallows on the sweet potatoes. Use your judgement kids.

Then we hopped in the car for home, walked and fed the dogs, then hopped back into the car to drive out to my folks.  We were already wiped, but went anyway.  Made God’s Eye thingys with my nieces, even though all Cierra wanted to do was make “necklaces,” “rings,” and “bracelets.”  Essentially, she’d pull out a length of yarn and then proceed to cut it in 3-4 different places until she had a piece far to short for her intended goal and then ask me to tie them around her neck, her wrist, her fingers and toes.  I think she just likes scissors. Or yarn. Or just the two of them combination.

Then Ariel and I hit the basement for some Rock Band.  That girl does the drums on one of those songs with the difficutly on medium which seems pretty good for an 8 year old to me.  I barely survive on some songs when my turn comes around, but we had a good time.

Friday, MJ’s cousin was just going to come over and chill, probably knit some more, but decided she wanted comfort food, so we took her up to Lancaster, PA to visit the closest Sonic after having dragged her out to Eastland Alpacas and Labadie Looms.  We also made a quick stop at The Spa at Intercourse Village to snag some PA Soy lotion – again, the nearest place we can obtain the stuff.  They got us hooked on their lotion and candles at some craft show a year or so ago and have then proceeded to be hard to find.

We’d wanted to spend Saturday recovering, but earlier in the week my aunt invited us out to her place Saturday for a family gathering since everyone was doing their own thing on Thanksgiving and she’d be in Florida for Christmas.  My mom wasn’t feeling well, so MJ and I had to drive up to Bel Air to pick up my dad and my nieces, and then head south again to Silver Spring for the party.  Thankfully, my uncle was going to take them back home afterward.

Sunday, we mostly stayed home.  MJ had papers to grade, but I went out and played Rock Band 2 with Carrie and Kathy and then came home and crashed wishing there were a few more days “vacation” …


2 thoughts on “Again?

    1. Lex

      Yep! It’s in Lancaster directly across the street from the Tanger Outlet. Let us know cuz we’ll go too! MJ’s cousin even gave us Sonic gift cards for Christmas.

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