Once again

Weather intervened on our annual trip to Godfrey’s.  Last year we encountered high winds on the drive back home in the gigantic 12-passenger van.  This year?  What I would call a freakin’ blizzard.

We had some of the nicest  and mildest weather for the majority of February.  Turns out the gods were saving it up for my trip as March 1st was an entirely different story.

Driving down to Richmond (this time in a 15-passenger van) was fine, a little rain – nothing too worrisome and we made good time .  By the time we left Godfrey’s around 4:30, it had just started to snow/sleet.  By the time we got on the highway (10min later) it was coming down enough to make traffic slow to a crawl.  All in all it took us close to five hours to get back.  Granted this included a stop in Falls Church to drop off Fern and Becca, but that’s not more than a 20 min detour, and almost everyone else lives near us – A lives in Richmond and met us at the club.

Oh, except for Q.  MJ and I had driven to NJ Saturday to pick her up.  She had last minute car troubles and really wanted to go, plus I needed to see if the tam I knit for my grandmother fit anyway, so we went to get her with plans to take her back Sunday night.  Since the snow was really starting to come down here to the point where it was affecting visibility, we didn’t think it wise to attempt the trip in poor road conditions and in the dark – we’d have started up there after 10pm.

So we took her back Monday morning . . .when the weather was actually worse, but at least it was light out – sort of.  Schools here in Baltimore had been delayed to 10am, but we set out around 8am when the snow was coming down so hard it looked like the plows hadn’t been through on the highways.  We did the drive to South Jersey in 3ish hours averaging around 30-40mph.  That trip that normally takes 70-90 minutes.  Q’s boss called us “fucking morons” for even attempting it, which we all cracked up about.  But there wasn’t really an alternative – she couldn’t afford to miss another day of work.   Although her boss pointed out – as we were halfway there – that we could have just put her on the train – duh.  We never use the train, so it never occurred to any of us…

So, after reviewing all of our past attempts to get to Godfrey’s it’s pretty clear that we need to start doing the Annual Birthday Trip in … May or June.  Yes, that’s right – celebrating my February birthday in the late Spring/early Summer.

One year we didn’t make it at all because (again-after mild to normal winter weather) we got 2 feet of snow dumped on us.  And last year we had the high winds and this year another blizzardy type happening.  I think we’ve made it down there ONCE in the past four years without any extreme weather.

Even though the weather sucks, we all had a great time – Godfrey’s never disappoints.

Godfrey's 2009


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