It didn't work

I’ve been getting to bed/sleep between 1-2 in the morning lately, generally having to wake between 7 and 8.  That amount of sleep doesn’t work for me.  So last night, being horribly exhausted after the weekend of baking, raids and driving up and down I-95 to Bel Air, Woodstown, Bel Air and home again, I decided I’d be “good” and go to bed early.  Early being 10:30ish.

Naturally, I passed right out. . .and woke right up at 4am.  I played some solitaire til I felt sleepy again and then tried sleep again.  It didn’t work.  My mind was racing and for some reason or other had some random thought about Fight Club and dissociative disorders.  So I got up around 5 something and mucked about on the internetz until 7, when MJ got up.  I figured I’d try for a little nap and passed out.  I had a really strange dream that MJ was a college professor (which she is) but that she was also a graduate assistant and her professor was trying to take credit for a work she was trying to get published.  They bantered back and forth about “it’s my work” “no, it’s mine..” for a good while and a crowd had gathered just as MJ bellowed, “Humans crossbred with dogs can’t WRITE!!”  Just wacky.

I woke up late for work, feeling groggy and completely out of it.  I’m still not really awake.

I’m going to do this once more tonight.  Bring on the sleep!


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