My life in a nutshell

Keep in mind that this conversation took place within one day and the same person was responding to me each time.

Me to Distributor: Is it possible for the license to be co-terminous?

Distributor: In order to co-term, you will need to contact to your Symantec rep and obtain an eSPA.

Me to Distributor: Would you have a way of finding out who our Symantec rep is? I don’t have a contact there.

Distributor: Hello Alexis, I am your Symantec rep.  How may I help you?



2 thoughts on “My life in a nutshell

  1. Lex

    Yeah. That’s pretty much where I am. I replied with “I’m sorry – I meant our rep at Symantec so that we can obtain the eSPA you mentioned?” Although to me, it would seem obvious that’s what I meant the first time. Unless she meant I needed to talk to her about an eSPA in which case, why didn’t she do it instead of only saying I needed one. UGH. Is it Friday yet?

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