Changing Times

We’re downsizing.  The lease is up and we’ve had it with the upstairs neighbors and the shoddy maintenance.

We’re moving into something much smaller.  Much, much smaller.  So I’m going through my things and getting rid of what I can absolutely do without.

MP3 has been my main outlet for music.  I do occasionally buy CDs, but as soon as I crack them open, they’re imported to iTunes and the CD is stored.  I have CDs spanning  approximately 15 years.  I’ve thinned out before – using the services of places like Record and Tape Traders when I needed some space or a little extra cash, but nothing like this.

So, I’ve just consolidated the remainder of my entire CD collection into three 7″x6″x5″ boxes.  I have just three categories:

CD Collection

So those three, plus 15,000 MP3s makes up my music universe.  Here’s to backups never failing!

The next obstacle is computer software…


One thought on “Changing Times

  1. Caitlyn Tyler

    LOL! Seriously, this made me laugh out loud when I saw the categories! I was thinking “alternative” “soundtracks” and something else.. (not sure what the somethng else was going to be). I think we may know who your favorite artists are.

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