No, thanks

There was a time when I’d be all about poking through a new software, doing the setup myself, and working my way through any issues that arrived using the software faqs, documentation, and forums.

Apparently, not anymore.  Today I chose “One-click Easy Install” from my webhost over “Advanced Mode” after some weird tiny little error popped up while trying the manual installation (One-click Advanced Mode wasn’t available for this particular package – just Easy).

Doing so means that I do not have access to add themes or extensions and will be limited to whatever comes with the one-click package.

I’m okay with that.

In case you cared:

PHP mbstring package Your internal characater set is ISO-8859-1
Setting mbstring.internal_encoding to UTF-8 in your php.ini file is
recommended to insure accented and multi-byte characters function
Strict Permissions [is not in effect]
When this option is not in effect, file and folder permissions are
relaxed. This could constitute a security risk so it is recommended
that you enable Strict Permissions. However, on some servers this
software does not function correctly with strict file/folder
permissions. If you enable this option and have permission errors,
run setup again and disable the option.

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