The B.A.T. and me

I sold my Altima for the upcoming vagabondery and bought a Big Ass Truck last night. It was a leftover from 2008, never been titled that had been aggressively discounted.

It’s got some crazy bells and whistles and notably, OnStar. I’ve been on the “phone” with them twice so far – just at the dealership – getting things setup, etc. It sent me a vehicle information summary, all about oil life, fuel filter life, mileage, even my tire pressure. It’s all very big brother, but cool at the same time – I haven’t figured out how to reconcile that, not that I have much choice in the matter now so I’m free to remain a little conflicted about that, but yay BAT!

Now all I needs is to save up to have the hitch installed. And some running boards (assist step) so MJ has less trouble getting in.


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