A girl.  Who plays Warcraft.  Specifically, a combat rogue, a protection warrior, a resto druid, and an enhancement shaman.  I still have the first character I ever played in Warcraft, a female dwarf hunter.  She’s been sidelined for the time being.

When I log into WoW, I want to “blow shit up.”  I’m a firm believer in less QQ and more Pew-pew.  I’m always open to advice to help advance my play skills, but just tell me the talents to pick and the rotation and I’ll take it from there.  I am not a theorycrafter.  I’ll leave that to the folks at Elitist Jerks and the like.  When I play a video game, I do not want to spend a lot time worrying about math.  Refer back to my “blow shit up” strategy.

I’m not the best anything in the game, but I have fun and that’s the important part.  This blog is mostly about my own hijinks and the hijinks of others.


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