The Hunt

It’s been awhile. As usual.

I keep up with my blogging about as much as I keep up with my daily fiber intake.

Having spent the last year and a half in grad school (this semester is over next week) I’ve just has less time to gather my thoughts and put them down. My head regularly feels like a jumbled mess, one idea transforming into the next before I could finish thinking through the previous one.

All that aside, right now I’m excited. MJ and I started geocaching in 2003 as a means to spend more time together and also explore our town (San Antonio at that time). It was fun. Then came the mosquito bites and also the chigger transfer from a trip where MJ went out but I did not but we both had bites all over the backs of our legs. Not so fun.

So there was a long hiatus. We moved. We knitted. We crocheted. We did other things in our spare time. In the last few years MJs gotten back into it and in the last year so have I. But bugs remain an issue and here in MD are millions of ticks that love nothing more than skirting past your underwear and freaking you out by getting far to close to your business. That’s a pretty good deterrent for me but crazily I still want to do this….

Right now I’m trying really hard to NOT buy a new GPS. But I did get new hiking boots, a lifetime membership to REI, bug gaiters, mosquito net, DEET, and got a cache pack setup (in this case a camelbak with first aid kit, flashlight, headlamp, pocket knife, rain coat, pen, pencil, another pen, etc.). I’m ready! And Excited!

Great outdoors, here I come!!




My birthday present from MJ!

It’s a Luna. So far I’m working on Goodnight Ladies with moderate success.

Oh Canada

“So you went to Canada? …to play Warcraft?”

“Uh.. yeah, sorta. But we didn’t really play that much Warcraft… I did see the sights too.”

Left: Our guild’s main healer

Right: Our guild’s main tank

Center: Our guild’s only raiding rogue – me.

Just before we took out Marrogar.

I left Canada just as Team USA was losing the gold medal hockey game.