Vacation 2010 Begins


On writing

I think I enjoy the promise of a blank Moleskine vesus the reality of filling one up.  Much like I enjoy the promise of a blog versus posting to it.  No wonder I’m thinking of changing the design here again. . .

But I will say that I was most pleased to discover a compact version of my favorite pen.  That brings the reality of a Moleskine’s true purpose a little closer, but still requires a little more than I’m ready to give.

That said and completely unrelated, I hope you’re all having a pleasant holiday season.

Yeah buddy…

We stopped by the fair this evening to pick up my prize and ribbon. With my winnings, I plan to pay off debt, buy a house, hire movers, buy a winnebago, gas cards out the wazoo for all my peeps and give a portion to my mother so she can retire. Then I’m kicking my brother’s family out of her house, but that’s another story…

The Weekend in Review Movies, Knitting, Spinning, Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Sunshine, Chicken Enchiladas, PIRATE, The Lady – The best.

MJ's Socks

Finally got MJ’s Socks done Sunday morning. Just a week late for the Ravelympics but better to limp across the finish line than not to finish at all, or something. Luckily, just in time for MJ’s feet.